On the SCI™ homepage, students search for career information based on interests. For example, when a student selects “Do you like to solve problems and discover new things?”, an overview description of a scientist appears on the screen. Students can then search for individual occupations based on job category or required education, or start all over again. Students view career profiles of real professionals working in each position and see detailed information about each job.

Jobs identified as “Mission Critical” provide data on the corresponding programs of study, graduation rates for each occupation and expected annual job openings.

The SCI™ database defines the talent pipeline in Illinois. It can be used to identify gaps and optimize talent flow across science-based industries. For students, the study demonstrates the importance and correlation of advanced education to higher salaries. The data provide a basis for helping teachers introduce students to careers they have not yet considered and encourage them to pursue careers in emergent areas of the life sciences industry.

Through SCI™: Science Career Investigation™, the EDUCATE Center is able to reach out to diverse groups from all over Illinois and the Midwest with information on life sciences careers.

To download the Finding Your Future guide, click HERE.

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