About Us

Our economy needs an innovation-generating workforce more than ever before, but among developed nations, American students lag further and further behind in science and math. Due to a lack of resources and training, too few teachers succeed in engaging their students with the joy of scientific discovery, and too few young people set their sights on science careers.

Across the nation, education experts have recognized that real-world connections get kids excited about science and STEM careers. The Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, which have been adopted by Illinois, align science education with international best practices and place new emphasis on real-world application of learning.

The iBIO Institute’s EDUCATE Center connects Illinois classrooms with the real world of biotechnology and science-based industry through hands-on biotechnology lab activities, tours of industry research and development facilities and authentic, interdisciplinary problem-centered learning experiences. As teachers and districts develop new curricula to meet new Illinois State Standards, the iBIO Institute’s EDUCATE programs bring cutting-edge science from regional biotech companies to develop world-competitive educators and inspire student interest in science.

As the only organization of its type in Illinois, the iBIO Institute EDUCATE Center plays an essential role by investing in the people who will drive our community’s biotech future.

To receive notifications of upcoming programs, email your request to educate@ibioinstitute.org.