Since early 2007, iBIO Institute has been engaged in developing pilot education programs to improve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. Our principal activities focus on areas of critical need, as identified by the National Academy of Sciences:​

  • Professional development for teachers
  • Exciting students about science though identification of science-based careers and activities

We launched the following programs:

  • TalentSparks!
    Standards-aligned intensive teacher professional development workshops and problem-centered curricula focused on deepening STEM content knowledge and an understanding of the practical application of skills in a broad range of STEM careers.
  • Stellar Girls
    Stellar Girls, an after-school program developed with support from Astellas USA Foundation, inspires girls in Grades 3-8 to enter into STEM careers. Weekly hands-on activities are divided into four problem topics that illustrate important scientific concepts: Feed, Fuel, Heal and Save the World.
  • SCI™: Science Career Investigation™
    A comprehensive database of over 250 career opportunities in science industries. SCI™ is a unique data source that helps teachers, parents and students understand the requirements and benefits of a career in the science industries.

The EDUCATE Center also provides strategic and tactical assistance to partners' programs and helps to amplify the impact of partner programs through iBIO Institute's rapidly growing network of relationships.

To receive notifications of upcoming programs, email your request to educate@ibioinstitute.org.